Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NSW Quilt Guild Challenge Quilts

Hi I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Challenge Quilts that I stood guard over yesterday :) It is quite a large post due to the volume of photos. They are from the 2009 NSW Quilters Guild Challenge. Themed "What Tickles Your Fancy" I think you will agree that they are a terrific variety of quilts. There are 31 quilts in all. One of them was a double quilt done by a Man and it was entered both front and back. The Lilydale arts Council has held the exhibition at Providence Vinyards, one of our local wineries in the Lilydale Area. You can find out more about Providence here
So here they are:)

This is the front of the double quilt done by the only male entrant.

This is the back :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics, Liv. Some lovely work there! I really like the sunflower one with the faces in the middle of the flowers, also the seal is lovely and the cupcakes. :)

  2. I bet you came away with lots of lovely ideas to incorporate into your own projects.

  3. It's quite interesting to see how different people have interpreted the theme, so many different techniques, must have been wonderful see them up close.

  4. Hi Olivia1 Loving all that quilting creativity!
    BTW, thanks so much for sharing your prim Christmas tree:
    I have to say how much I loved yours!
    Best wishes
    Christine preferably prim.

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