Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Giveaway Draw

Hi ho all well I should have drawn this over a week ago but because I did not have a good or reliable internet connection my opportunities to get on and do anything wee spasmodic to say the least. Anyhow That is all fixed now and I am now hooked up with a great ADSL package so hopefully that will negate the need to use this pesky pre paid mobile stick. :) Any how I have drawn my giveaway and the lucky winners are.................. VICKI :) and SANDY:) two of my forum buddies, so congratulations Girls I will get your surprise package of goodies off to you later this week :)

Thanks to everyone who had suggestions for the salon I will definately be implemeting some of those.

Now here are a couple of pics of the last of the decals that came in for the salon, It was really hard to get up and ve very very fiddly, It took me 4 hours to do it but I think it is worth it and it just finishes it off nicely.

That is all for today have a wonderful week Love and Hugs Olivia