Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Goodies In

I have recently bought a little bit of fabric :) Most of it is from the states but I got some small pieces at the local Patchwork shop. She has some lovely stuff just a bit exxy that is all.  I also bought a couple of pieces of fine seer sucker I have never used it before and dont even know if it would be suitable for patchwork it is 100% cotton but who knows anyway I liked it so I got it.  A lot of these fabrics are way out of my comfort zone they are fabrics I would not normally look at but I thought it was time to expand my horizons not sure that I would ever use it in something for my own home but tastes change I still like all the stuff I usually have just diversifiying that is all :)

:Love and Hugs

All these to here were purchased from the USA

These are 1/2 meter peices from the local P/Work Shop.

This is the seersucker

Also my son bought me the three precut packs for my Birthday. They came from spotlight and each pack has a 2 yard piece of backing fabric and 5 or 6 1/4 yard pieces and a pattern pamplet to make a small quilt. Once again fabrics way out of my comfort zone but I kind of liked them. I think I am just a fabric collector. :) I don't know if any of it will ever make it's way into a quilt or a project :~
Pre Cut Pack 1

PreCut pack 2

PreCut Pack 3

:Love and Hugs

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NSW Quilt Guild Challenge Quilts

Hi I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Challenge Quilts that I stood guard over yesterday :) It is quite a large post due to the volume of photos. They are from the 2009 NSW Quilters Guild Challenge. Themed "What Tickles Your Fancy" I think you will agree that they are a terrific variety of quilts. There are 31 quilts in all. One of them was a double quilt done by a Man and it was entered both front and back. The Lilydale arts Council has held the exhibition at Providence Vinyards, one of our local wineries in the Lilydale Area. You can find out more about Providence here
So here they are:)

This is the front of the double quilt done by the only male entrant.

This is the back :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jar Ideas

Thanks for the ideas to fill those jars BUT :) I do have thousands of buttons but I don't think you all realise how big they are the measure 14inches high and 21 inches around. Even I would have trouble filling them up "LOL" But I guess it would be fun collecting all the buttons to try. :)

I forgot to take a photo of these little jars. I guess they are spice jars but I bought them to store beads and sequins in. :) They will be much easier to fill up than the big jars. They don't look like they have ever been used and were also a bargain at $3.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Market Finds

I decided to take myself off to the markets at about 11.30 this morning so arrived there at 12.10. There was soooo much stuff there here a piccy of my goodies.

There was a lady there who had heaps of patchwork fabrics and patterns and they were ridiculously cheap. This is all quality fabrics. I got 1 metre each of the green and cream rose fabrics what a bargain at $5 a meter and they were on the bolt and the origonal price was $32 a meter.

The book was $2 brand new and still had the price tag on it of $39.99. I was wrapped I will definately be going back next week :)

Fabrics and book

Fat 1/4's
The fat 1/4's were 10 for $5 once again all realy good quality fabrics. :)

Then another lady had these two fantastic large glass barrels for $5 for the 2 so I snapped those up as they are perfect for sitting on the bench in the kitchen with my fresh home made cookies in them. Stay tuned when i make a few batches and fill them up I will post a photo :)

Last but by no means least how was this for a bargain. I have been wanting a timber coffee table with a draw in if for about 5 years and Craig has been promising to make me one for the past 3. I won't hold my breath so when I saw this little beauty for $15 I snapped that up to.  I was thrilled with it. It has a couple of light scratches on the top but nothing that a light sand and a polish won't fix. :)
So I reckon I did pretty well all this for the bargain price of  $42. :))

Love and Hugs
Olivia. XXXXX

another Giveaway

Terri has a great givaway at her blog too so make sure you pop on over and check it out here

Love and Hugs

Blog Giveaways

Do you all love a giveaway? I know I do :) if you do pop on over to my friend Sameliasmum she has a terrific one at the moment consisting of two (2) yep that's right 2 lots of lovelies, to choose from you can get there by clicking here.

It will be difficult to choose :)

Hugs Olivia

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Return of the Prodigal Rooster

A few weeks ago a friend of Mum's gave me a lovely young Rhode Island Red.

Well he spent the first night here and in the morning flew over the 8 foot fence and went bush. We spent 3 days chasing him through the bush trying to catch him :)

We could hear him crowing away all around the property. I was dissapointed but I wasn't concerned as I had a feeling that he would come back.

Anyway a couple of days ago he was back near the chok pen, so instead of trying to catch him and have him run off again I just left some food and water out for him. A couple of hours later I went down and he was in the chook run with the other roosters and hens and that is where he stayed.

I took a couple of photos of him yesterday he is quite a handsome fellow and we named him "RANDOLF"      '


Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Babies

Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce you all to the two newest members of the family. I went to a pet shop in Mowbray this morning big mistake :) well not really a mistake but I have been wanting a ginger kitten for awhile and they just happened to have two :) I picked one and left then was driving up the road and thought to myself how could I leave the other one so I went back and bought him too :) So here they are Triv and Harley. Arn't they just darling they are 6 weeks old:)

Triv & Harley

Triv & Harley

Harley getting to know the tiger

Triv getting playful