Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello Again

Well the last couple of days have been somewhat non descript I did not get half of what I wanted to do done! Still I did finish off a swap that I am doing at the moment so I achieved something :)

In the Forum I was in the Mug Wrap and Coaster swap and so I finished mine yesterday ready to send to Kabby way up in the NT. Not sure that she will have much use for a Mug Wrap maybe it will serve to keep her drinks cold as well as warm. :) so I made it big enough to fit around a can or bottle.

The theme was Garden Bugs and Kabby has a passion for lady bugs :) So that is what she got I also found a terrific mug with lady bugs on it so I am sending that as a little gift for her and a couple of cute little guys I found at the PO. I hope she loves it.

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