Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Again

Well another week has slipped by and I do have to wonder where the time is going. I don't seem to achieved much this week. I went to the local markets at Lilydale yesterday and got some new members for my brood of chickens.

There were some Speckled English Langershams for sale so I bought 5 and the lady also gave me 2 Cockerals as they were destined for the pot if I didn't take them. It seemed such a shame to see two such hansome young men going into the pot so what could I do? I had to say yes and bring them home with me. These are not a breed I was planning on getting but I thought they were pretty.

The boys are 4 months old and just starting to crow, and the girls are a month old. Well we are hoping they are all girls.

So I bought them home and introduced Igor and Arthur to my other girls and put the babies in with them.

This is Arthur with Harriet and Carmen
I named them Lily, Toffee (She is the brown one), Ivy,  Harriet and Pearl.
This is Igor
Arthur and Igor
I took some photos this morning of some of the older girls too Cherry, Cheeky, Gorgina, Penny( She is my "Light Sussex" Hen), Carmen, Mallory and Sharni :)

The new babies should start to lay in about another 4 months or so.

Love and Hugs
Olivia XXXX


  1. Lovely chookies, Liv. Very handsome young men, I'm sure they'll have no problem in living up to their looks ;D. And young toffee isn't camera shy, is she :) I had chickens for years and I did love them. I can't have them here, it's just too small, but I do miss having some. Hugs Terri x

  2. I just love the speckled hens, their colours are just so lovely. Would love to have chickens too but I have to be realistic. Love your new hair colour.

  3. They are all lovely Liv, and lucky to have a good home with someone who loves them all!!!! :0)

  4. Would love to be able to have some chooks but the last lot were eaten by our dogs so I gave up the dream for reality.Soooo nice to see chooks again and yours are a very lovely looking bunch Livvy :) Barb.

  5. I would love to have some chooks....I used to have several years ago and always enjoyed talking to them and giving them scraps etc. One day perhaps I will get some again.

  6. I'm in the UK and I keep chickens but I've never heard of Langershams!! I'm off to google them!!

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