Saturday, March 19, 2011

Market Finds

I decided to take myself off to the markets at about 11.30 this morning so arrived there at 12.10. There was soooo much stuff there here a piccy of my goodies.

There was a lady there who had heaps of patchwork fabrics and patterns and they were ridiculously cheap. This is all quality fabrics. I got 1 metre each of the green and cream rose fabrics what a bargain at $5 a meter and they were on the bolt and the origonal price was $32 a meter.

The book was $2 brand new and still had the price tag on it of $39.99. I was wrapped I will definately be going back next week :)

Fabrics and book

Fat 1/4's
The fat 1/4's were 10 for $5 once again all realy good quality fabrics. :)

Then another lady had these two fantastic large glass barrels for $5 for the 2 so I snapped those up as they are perfect for sitting on the bench in the kitchen with my fresh home made cookies in them. Stay tuned when i make a few batches and fill them up I will post a photo :)

Last but by no means least how was this for a bargain. I have been wanting a timber coffee table with a draw in if for about 5 years and Craig has been promising to make me one for the past 3. I won't hold my breath so when I saw this little beauty for $15 I snapped that up to.  I was thrilled with it. It has a couple of light scratches on the top but nothing that a light sand and a polish won't fix. :)
So I reckon I did pretty well all this for the bargain price of  $42. :))

Love and Hugs
Olivia. XXXXX


  1. Oh wow, fantastic bargains! Absolutely love the coffee table!

  2. What a lovely collection of bargains. Love, love, love the coffee table. I've been looking for one just like it for years. Hugs Terri x

  3. Meant to mention that the jars would look great with buttons in them ;))

  4. Liv!!! What can I say??? You are the bestest bargain hunter!!!!
    Good on you, you got some ABFAB bargains!!!!! HUGS Sandy.

  5. Great finds Liv. I agree with Terri - they'd make great button jars... or you can fill them up with jelly beans to munch on when stitching ;-)

  6. Love your bargains Liv and I wonder if you cant get those scratches out by putting a damp cloth on them and then pressing down with a hot iron. It worked for me when I had dents in my wooden table. Not sure about scratches tho.. its a fab table and a fab price too. hugs Vicki

  7. Oh Olivia, I would have loved to have been with you at the markets. How lucky were you with the fabric. You would have had to drag me away. Those glass jars i will be watching for the home cooking but do agree with the other girls that buttons would look great as well. Can not wait to see what you get on your next visit to these markets.

  8. You definitely got some great bargains Olivia, I can see a few things being made from those fat quarters. Yet another use for those jars - if you save selvedges, they look great in a jar.

  9. Wow Olivia some great bargins. I love that table. Markets & bargins are the best kind of shopping.

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