Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi  everyone :)

In celebration of my grand opening of my little salon I have decided to have a "GIVE AWAY" All you need to do is have a look at my blog and leave a comment and a suggestion of things I could have for sale in my Salon. Keep in mind, I already have lots of cosmetics and nail art items for sale, I have also made some yummy lavender filled heat packs. :)

 The prize will be a mystery bag of goodies, which will be full to the brim with lots crafty bits & pieces :) I have had fun this morning sorting out what to include. The givaway will run for one week and I will draw it sometime next Sunday.

So ladies put your thinking caps on and send in your suggestions

Love and Hugs
Olivia xxx


  1. OH OH looks like i"m first! Liv, what about some nice warm scarves- they should go over really well at this time of year, or maybe some little notecard packs, potpourri bags, special scented candles or oil burners with special oils?
    don't forget gift certificates for pressies too!

  2. If you don't already stock them some makeup bags with lots of pockets or nail varnish boxes to keep their purchases tidy when not in use.

  3. Maybe some jewellery rolls that could be stacked up in a basket, or some of those eye-masks (don't know the proper name) that people use when they're having a nap in the daytime (they block out the light), some fabric envelopes to put the gift certificates in.

  4. Lovley idea Olivia, I don't have a suggestion at the moment. I will think on it and come back if something occurs to me

  5. Hi Liv
    Your shop looks great . Only suggestions maybe some jewelry or small craft items. Things like cute coaster and mug rug sets or scented potpouri hearts or other shapes . You can always have friends help make some things . We do that here at the salon I go to. Ties in your crafts with shop. People love hand made things.

  6. Some nice soaps. Love the look of your shop

  7. The salon looks great. What about some small bags in various shapes and sizes? They could be used for whatever the client thinks they are for!

  8. Oh Liv, Love the look of the shop. My suggestions are two different sizes of make up bags with zips depending on what is purchased that clients get a free one on there 4th or 5th visit. Pencil roll BUT it has make up brushes inside. Little lavender purses that can hang up in a cupboard. Will keep thinking for you and i love the other ladies ideas. I love walking into a shop that has a corner of handmade item makes it more homely. Take care and don't work to hard.

  9. Oh Liv.....I thought I commented but havent...just as well as I checked :) I too love looking at lots of handmade things and what everyone has suggested would be great to have in your shop. Love all the ideas and the jewelery swags would be a good one. All the best with your shop. :) Hugs Vicki