Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Again fellow Bloggers

Well hello again, it has been a few weeks since I last blogged, it has been a hectic time here for me what with medical appointments and other such things that life throws at you. The kittens are now twice the size they were when I first bought them home and we have a knew addition to our fur family called Petal. She is a little cat that my daughter hand raised when she found them dumped in the back yard and they had been abandoned by their mother, she origonally had a boy and a girl and she has hand raised them from about 4 days old. But it is time for the little girl to be desexed and she was afraid if she kept her she would become pregnant by her brother so she asked me to try and rehome her, well that was never going to happen :) She is a very sweet and affectionate little girl and we lover dearly. I went to the markets again the other week and bought these few fat 1/4's, there was nothing else much there but apparently she was bringing more bolts of fabric in this week so I will have to go on Sunday and have another look :)
I have been feeling a bit Blah and decided that I needed a treat so I purchaced these three books they are just lovely.
I also bought some new cookbooks these have glorious recipes in and if your a lover of Chocolate and Coffee then the Bible is a great book. The Italian food encyclopedia was a bargain from the Markets at only $6 it is about 2 inches thick and it truely is an encyclopedia of Italian Food it has some gorgeous recipes in it.
I have started a felt table runner and this is the design so far, it is lovel even if I do say so myself and it is the perfect project to take to my sit and sew days on Fridays at the Village Sampler.

I wrote about this on the Forum so my friends from there know about this but I wanted to tell all my blogland friends about it too I am going to start a buisness hopefully within the next two months.
For a little while now I have been thinking that I will need to do something soon about working as when Craig and I get married I will no longer be entitled to an of my Disibility pension. So What to do as I need something that will be flexible with my various illnesses and injuries that I carry it turns out that the shop next dooor to my hairderesser in the Village is vacant. I am a qualified Nail Tech so I had a chat to Tish (my hairdresser) about starting up a nail salon, she reckons it is a brilliant idea as she is always getting request from ladies about nails and waxing, which is something else that I have been trained in so I have done some research and the rent on the little shop is ver cheap, and to buy all the stock and things that I will need it will cost me just around $1000. The little shop is perfect, it has a little area at the front with an open fire place lovely natural polished timber floor boards and just white walls on three sides and baltic pine walls on the other. then there is a small door way which leads into another room which will be perfect for my waxing room. I am very excited about it I will be doing Gel Nails, manicures, pedicures, Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting and Waxing I will do all waxing except Brazillian! I am going to do a refresher course on the nails as it has been several years since I did it, and I will be read to go so over the next few weeks I am going to start getting all my supplies in then I will open. It will be perfect for me as there is no heavy lifting or long periods of standing or walking involved so I will be able to keep my own hours to suit myself. I will take my computer with me so I can be on here if I want to and I will also be able to take my hand sewing with me for when I am inbetween clients. I am ver excited about it all so tell me what do ou think??? I will just do a six month lease to start with and see how it goes and if it does well then I will continue and if it does not do well then I have not really lost too much and I can always sell the equipment if it fails. The way I look at it is If I dont give it a try I will never know I like to think I am a glass half full type of Gal!

Anyhow that is just about it from me for today throw me some suggestions for names or my new venture, keeping in mind that I have not legally changed my name to Olivia yet although I may do that at the same time and also the Village where I live is called Lilydale.

Massive Cyber Hugs to you all have a lovely and safe Easter



  1. Wishing you well with your new venture. Hugs, Cathy

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